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Cameron Stoel is a hard-working IT Tech who is also a Personal Trainer.IT Technician and Personal Trainer, Meet Cameron Stoel

Cameron Stoel grew up in West Michigan and graduated from Central Michigan University in 2017. He acquired a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with a focus on Multimedia Design and a minor in nutrition.

Cameron Stoel is a hard-working IT Tech who is also a Personal Trainer. He started working with Envizion IT, which was a part of Innotec at the time, in 2013 as an intern IT Support Technician and is currently the lead IT Support Technician for Envizion IT. He learned a lot as an intern with Envizion IT and applied that knowledge to his studies at Central Michigan. His current duties at Envizion IT include:

  • Assigning all tickets from customers to the right technicians
  • Level 2 and Level 3 Support
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Phones expert from desktop phones to cell phones

Some of his most favorite moments while working with Envizion IT include working together with Habitat for Humanity by putting up siding at a house in Holland, successfully implementing a phone system for a client with no issues whatsoever, and when the whole team worked together to help provide 40+ working PCs for organizations in need.

Personal Trainer

Cameron recently received an NCCA accredited certification as a Certified Personal Trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. With this new certification comes a new endeavor. As a Personal Trainer, Cameron now offers:

  • 1-on-1 Training Sessions in a commercial gym or at a private studio
  • 2-on-1 Client Sessions either in a commercial gym or private studio
  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced 8-Week Programs that can be completed in almost any gym

Whether your goal is fat loss, strength gains, hypertrophy, or interested in a Day 1 Beginner program, anyone can get started safely and effectively to achieve their goals with Cameron Stoel. He also provides guidance on nutrition.

Cameron played sports since the age of 4. Wrestling was his main sport. He learned that nutrition and training were very closely related as wrestlers need to fall within a certain weight class to compete. He learned how calories, energy output, and nutrition optimization all played a role in how he performed on the mat. This is where his love of being physically fit and nutritionally sound came into focus. Now, he focuses on helping others feel better and become more independent with their life and health.

Fun Facts

When Cameron is not working in tech support, he loves to work out. He also loves taking trips with his wife, Rachel, and his Husky, Nala. Cameron also enjoys disk golfing, recreational volleyball, and video games on those rainy days.

Cameron’s favorite restaurant is City Delicatessen in Holland on 8th St. He finds their wraps and salads to be “Absolutely Fantastic”, especially his favorite, the San Francisco with extra chicken.

When it comes to technology, Cameron is always there to help. When it comes to personal training, he and his wife, also a personal trainer, say, “All or Something: You can’t give it your all every day but, on some days, putting forth a little effort will bring you closer to your goal rather than doing nothing at all.”

For Personal Training Sessions with Cameron Stoel, give him a call at (616) 405-6134 or send him an email over to