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Too often, businesses see each other just as the competition. Even when they’re not operating in the same industry, it’s common for them to try to forge their own path in the business world independently.

However, the fact is that there’s an obviously better approach — treat your local business community as the resource it is. It doesn’t have to be “every man for itself”. Peers can and should work together to develop mutually beneficial partnerships and foster growth and improvement.


Even if you’re not a business owner, this is a quality you should be looking for in the businesses you choose to work with. The more connected they are, the more focused they are on improving, and the more they’re taking advantage of the opportunities in their business community, the better the experience will be for you, their client.

This is precisely why Envizion, a West Michigan IT services provider, is the newest member of the Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce. Their team is excited to join an active and thriving community of peers, and is looking forward to networking, sharing insight, and contributing further to the West Michigan business landscape.

“The Envizion team is proud to be taking this next step as a member of the West Michigan business community,” says Mark Veldhoff, CEO/ Owner. “We’re excited to get to know our peers in the area even better, offering our experience, and benefitting from theirs as well.”

As a member of the Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce, Envizion will now have access to a range of peer-to-peer business tools, from mentorship to sales advocacy and more — all of which will further benefit their growing network of clients. The Envision team plans to take full advantage of these benefits to improve the quality of service they offer to clients, and continue building their business well into the future.

As a member of the Chamber, Envizion will enjoy full access to the InfoHub, an up-to-date directory of the organization’s members where they can provide info on their services, market to other businesses in need of their services and reach out to the greater West Michigan community.

At the same time, the Envizion team recognizes that organizations like these only work when their members contribute as much as they benefit. With years of experience and keen insight into the IT services industry to offer, Envizion will make a valuable addition to the Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce.

About Envizion

Envizion IT is an IT solutions company based in Zeeland, MI. Envizion draws its guiding values from biblical principles and uses a “lean approach” to IT that reduces customer costs by continually improving customer systems and the environment.

About The Michigan West Coast Chamber Of Commerce

The Michigan West Coast Chamber Of Commerce serves 1,200 member businesses and represents 64,000 employees in the greater Holland/Zeeland Area. They help grow their members’ businesses, advocate for a business-friendly environment, strengthen their community and provide opportunities for individuals to maximize their potential.

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