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Envizion Helps Innotec Achieve A Low-Cost & Stress-Free Global IT Environment

Innotec is a privately-owned automated manufacturing company. Given the nature of their operations, their highly technical workforce is made up of engineers and university graduates. They operate worldwide, with locations in the US, Mexico, Europe, and Asia.

Given the scale of their operations, working across international borders and different time zones, Innotec relies on a robust network of IT systems that needs to be available and responsive around the clock.

Innotec trusts Envizion to keep its IT running because of its unique, cost-effective approach to IT services. Envizion regularly performs systematic cost reassessments and pursues a culture of cost reductions to help clients like Innotec achieve the best possible ROI.

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Innotec Achieves Low-Cost & Stress-Free Global IT Environment

Innotec Knew Envizion Had A World-Class Approach To IT Management and Cost Reduction

Innotec and Envizion’s partnership began before they were two separate entities. Originally, the core members of the Envizion team operated as Innotec’s internal IT department.

“The vast majority of the Envizion team used to be our IT team,” says Nick Devries, CFO, Innotec.

After developing their approach to service as a part of Innotec, it soon became clear that Envizion was exceptional at what they did. Mark Veldhoff, CEO, Envizion, knew that his team could build an independent business based on their quality of service. Nick and the leadership at Innotec were open to the idea, and after Envizion had developed a network of clients, they went out on their own.

“The reason we believed they would be successful outside of Innotec is that we were convinced they were world-class from a cost-structure standpoint,” says Nick. “They’re an awesome group of individuals.”

Envizion Helps Clients Like Innotec Save Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars On IT

“We knew that their cost structure was extremely competitive,” says Nick.

A core facet of Envizion’s service is the continuous assessment and reassessment of IT expenses, which allows them to find new opportunities for cost reduction. The Envizion team actively reassesses clients’ IT expenses on a regular basis to ensure they’re getting the best possible ROI for their IT budget.

Either by changing software license structures, switching service vendors, or otherwise, Envizion helps clients achieve massive savings in their IT budgets. In the first year supporting Innotec, Envizion showed them how to save nearly $100,000 by reconfiguring their Microsoft licenses, reducing cell phone expenses, and scaling back operation costs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think it’s almost ingrained in Envizion’s DNA, a continuous improvement and cost-reduction structure,” says Nick. “They consistently surprise me with the continued cost reductions.”

Envizion Provides A Uniquely Problem-Free IT Experience For Innotec

“The level of IT problems we have is minimal, compared to most people,” says Nick.

Nick and the leadership at Innotec know that their IT experience isn’t all that common. The C-level executives they talk to at other companies are constantly complaining about IT that doesn’t work. However, with Envizion on their side, Innotec has become accustomed to IT systems that are responsive and optimized, day-in and day-out.

“Our IT just doesn’t crash, ever,” says Nick. “The connectivity between all our global sites is almost seamless. When you talk to other companies, that’s just not the normal experience.”

The bottom line for Nick and the Innotec team is that IT shouldn’t be on their mind. They pay Envizion to look after it, and that’s exactly what they do.

“We don’t get paid to deal with IT,” says Nick. “ So, you need it to work well and work cheap, and don’t want to ever think about it, and Envizion allows me to not have to think about it.”