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Why Envizion IT Is Different Compared To Other IT Companies In Grand Rapids and West Michigan

Key Points:

  • The regrets of paying for services only to discover your problem still exist.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of paying for services you don’t need.
  • Our mentorship will give you permanent solutions for your IT systems.
  • When your IT budget is at the breaking point, financial relief is just up ahead.

Have you ever regretted paying for an IT service because you didn’t get what you paid for or expected? That happens a lot! Unfortunately, we’ve seen it too many times. Regarding your IT infrastructure, you should always receive services that go above and beyond.

After all, doesn’t your technology play a critical role in your business and must fully operate uninterrupted? Before you get locked into a contract, regardless of the services quoted, Mark Veldhoff has a special message just for you.

What’s The Envizion IT Difference?

Most managed service providers have a unique way of charging for IT services. It’s not uncommon to receive an invoice with a per-user, per-month charge, and an additional fee for PC management software.

With Envision IT, you only pay for monthly software management, and that’s it. We don’t charge per user per month. That’s not our style or business model. When you need our IT services, you can expect a competitive hourly rate plus any parts required.

Should you not need our services now or in the future, you don’t pay us. Furthermore, though you may not need our assistance, Envision IT will still provide you with expert IT advice. That information helps keep your technology operating efficiently.

You Will Improve From Our Guidance and Mentorship

Another difference we’re making with Grand Rapids and West Michigan business owners is helping them understand their IT infrastructure completely. For example, they may want to know how to improve efficiency in their company, employee productivity, or customer service.

As we guide you, you’ll discover how to improve your core IT processes and remain compliant with data privacy policies. Our mentorship process is about taking the time to understand your technology needs and providing you with permanent solutions.

Any undue stress or pressure eases when they partner with our IT specialist. You can count on us to help improve server and data management systems. That allows the in-house technology team to focus on issues and problems that need solving immediately.

Are Costly IT Services Sinking Your Budget?

A day doesn’t pass when a Grand Rapids or West Michigan business owner or decision-maker reaches out looking for our help. Not just with their IT problems but, more importantly, the rising costs of managed services.

An IT budget feels the strain when you add per user, per month costs, plus an additional fee for PC management software. Should you need to hire another employee, you’ve increased your monthly costs again.

Becoming a partner with Envizion IT gives you the guidance your business needs to succeed without the high cost. Our team is available to discuss our services and answer your questions. To discover what you’ll save, contact us for more information or call us at (616) 741-1144.