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Meet Justin Sheldon, West Michigan-Based IT Technician With Envizion IT

Justin Sheldon We are excited to share that we have grown our team yet again: please welcome Justin Sheldon to the Envizion IT community! He started in May 2022  as an IT Technician, playing an important role in how our company supports our clients’ most important technologies.

As an IT Technician, Justin will support how our clients’ IT systems operate. He will contribute to troubleshooting, project work, and more. Justin enjoys work that allows him to continue growing by facing new challenges on a regular basis. 

“It’s always changing, this keeps things fresh and challenging, “ says Justin. “With IT there is always more to learn or expand upon.”

Justin has a BS in Cyber Security with a focus in Information Assurance. He also served in the military, and we thank him for his service. 

Prior to working with Envizion, Justin was on staff at larger companies. He has extensive experience in deploying IT assets and providing help desk support. 

“Coming from a large corporate environment it is nice to see how rapidly changes can be implemented here at Envizion,” says Justin. “I am really looking forward to seeing how far Envizions ideology and business model goes towards changing the IT industry.”

 In the course of his time at Envizion, Justin hopes to continue to grow as an individual and as an IT professional. He relishes the opportunity to diversify his skill set while helping our growing network of clients. 

“Being in a smaller company allows you to wear multiple hats and to learn from those who have been doing it longer or have a different understanding of things than you do,” says Justin. “Success can be measured by the level of responsibility you are tasked with.”

When he’s not working, Justin spends time with his kids and their extracurricular pursuits (karate and dance). Aside from that, he enjoys fishing, video games, and DnD. 

He and his wife intend to spend more time working with local charities to volunteer and show their children what it means to give back to the community.

The next time you need help from one of our expert technicians, it may be Justin! Thanks for taking a few moments to get to know Justin a little better.