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Meet Mevo, The Multi-camera System That Could Change the Filming of Live Broadcasts

Key Points:

  • Mevo is the first camera system to deliver the power of a television studio in the palm of your hand.
  • The Logitech Mevo Start Camera is not a webcam but an action camera with incredible qualities that allow you to live stream remotely and wirelessly as long as you have an internet connection.
  • While the maximum resolution you can get from the camera is 1080P, its price makes it ideal for small streamers and broadcasters.
  • Unlike many webcams, the appeal of the Mevo Camera is not in its resolution or refresh rate.
  • Instead, its strong points lie in its features and software that let you pair several cameras and switch between them during a live broadcast via a mobile app.

The Logitech Mevo Start camera is an impressive setup designed to offer you a better broadcasting experience than you can achieve with traditional webcams or DSLR cameras. What makes Mevo appealing is not resolution or refresh rate but its ability to pair several cameras and automatically switch between them during a live stream.

Initially, you’d need to set up an expensive multi-camera system, which could make livestream filming and editing expensive and time-consuming.

Logitech Mevo Start has redefined how to emulate the expensive and complex studio of the full broadcasting sets.

5 Reasons Why Streamers Love The Mevo Start Camera Set Up

Streamers love the Mevo System for different reasons, and the five most common ones include:

  • The system includes super compact cameras, smaller than most smartphones but fully featured, coming in at 232 grams.
  • The camera has premium video features, including a 3.6-millimeter focal length, F 2.8 aperture, and the ability to record up to 1080p. The video quality might seem like a con, but for live streaming, it’s excellent for high-quality resolutions.
  • You can easily sync multiple cameras to give your video multiple angles. Typically, this is a complicated task, requiring lots of time in post-production. However, the Mevo multi-cam app is efficient and easy to use.
  • After the initial camera setup, it’s easy to start recording or live streaming.
  • The Mevo system allows wireless connection of multiple cameras.

Setting Up the Mevo Start Cameras

After unboxing your Mevo system, you need to set it up, get it into the same WiFi network as your mobile device, and use the internet connection to go live. You’ll use your mobile device as a control panel.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up the cameras.

  1. Download the Mevo multi-cam app on your smartphone or tablet. You’ll find different apps in the App Store and Play Store. We’ll use the Logitech Amevo app for multiple cameras in this case.
  2. Open the app and Power on your Mevo cameras.
  3. Connect the Mevo camera with the mobile app using your internet connection. When the camera powers up, it will ask you for your Wi-Fi info. Connect one camera to your WiFi to sync all cameras on the system to your network.
  4. At the top screen of the camera, you’ll see what your audience will view, while at the bottom, you’ll see what each camera will display.
  5. On each camera on the system, tap the three dots on the bottom right and select Mevo Settings.
  6. Select the Camera Name and customize the name to something you can remember.
  7. After renaming the cameras, you’d want to make image quality adjustments. By default, the camera mode is on Auto, but you can change each to Shutter Speed Priority or Full Manual if you want to set your shutter speed.
  8. Enable EIS or image stabilization if you use the cameras while moving. Turn on HDR if you’re filming in high contrast. You can scroll through the Other Video Presets and choose the best fit for your filming situation.
  9. The next individual camera setting is Crop and Zoom. Mevo Cameras offers a digital zoom feature that lets you zoom and pan into your shot when you want to focus on certain things or hide unsightly things from your shot.  To utilize the feature, go back to the main dashboard of each camera in the system. On top of the three camera views, you’ll see some info, including the Input Quality, CPU Load, and Free SpaceTo change some of these settings, tap on the three dots in the lower right-hand corner to open Global Settings. Most of the settings are okay by default, but there are a few settings you should make.  First, adjust the cameras’ input quality. The default setting is 480p, which is pretty low quality. Change it to the maximum quality, 1080p. If you change the video quality, ensure your network speed can handle it.  The next setting you’d change is the Auto Director. Activating auto director allows the app to switch between camera angles automatically.
  10. To set the system’s audio, go to the bottom of the app on your phone and tap on the audio waveforms icon to control the audio settings for each camera. You can also tap the audio icon to mute each Mevo Start Camera.

Start Livestreaming

Once you have connected all your cameras and dialed in the settings, you can start live streaming or recording your video. To start a live stream, go into the Amevo multi-cam app. At the center of the app screen, you’ll see three buttons to live record. If you want to live stream, tap on the Live button.

The system will automatically start live streaming.

You’ll have to log into your streaming platform if you’re streaming for the first time. Notice the blue button in the upper right-hand corner that verifies the video quality. If you want to record a copy of your live stream, click the Go Live button to start your stream.

Mevo is Revolutionizing Livestream

While setting up the Mevo system might appear as a lot of work, you can’t compare it with the amount of filming equipment you may need to replicate what the system can offer. The system is far easier to set up and manage, making it ideal for anyone new to multi-camera broadcasting.

Thanks to Rob Giannini with GiaSpace in South Florida for sharing this information.