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Adding a second layer of security can protect your high-value online accounts. What are the cost-effective ways to roll out MFA? Discover the solutions that can protect your accounts from most intruders.

If you are reading this article, you would like to discover cost-effective ways to roll out MFA. Great, you are in the right place.

Cybercriminals often target high-value online accounts. These attackers can be successful if you do not have the necessary measures to safeguard the accounts. Breaches can cause a lot of damages, including data loss and damage to your reputation.

One of the most effective approaches to protect your high-value online accounts is adding multi-factor authentication or two-factor authentication (2FA). Many people do not have this essential protocol, making their accounts vulnerable to breaches.

Clients often ask Envizion IT about cost-effective ways to roll out MFA. Envizion IT provides IT services and support. This article will help you discover cost-effective ways to roll out 2FA.

Cost-Effective Ways to Roll Out Multi-Factor Authentication

Authenticator Apps

1. Google Authenticator 

Most online services with six-digit time-based one-time password algorithm (TOTP) codes instruct users to download this authenticator app. This program protects your accounts and G-Suite apps.

You can get this authenticator app on Google Play Store listing or Apple Store listing. Set up TFA on your personal Google account by visiting their page and choosing 2-Step Verification.

The default alternative, the Google Prompt that you get on your mobile device, does not need the Authenticator app.

  • To configure the Authenticator app the first time you use it, use its command under the Set Up Alternative Second Step tag. Open the program, click the + icon to add your account, and scan the QR barcode. Key in the six-digit time-based code to verify that you are set correctly.
  • Alternatively, click the Try Another Way To Sign In option to choose an option you configured earlier.
  • You use a similar interface to configure and respond to authentication choices in G-Suite accounts. The administrator permits the feature from the G-Suite admin console, allowing them to limit the authentication types allowed and turn off the ability to trust devices.
  • To configure third-party MFA accounts in your Google app, click the + icon and enter the setup info or scan the barcode. Use the codes created for any TOTP-based 2FA confirmation.

You can install this authenticator app on many phones, but you cannot use multiple devices at a time or share accounts between devices. You can migrate your account to a new device, but the program does not support backup and restore settings.

What are the advantages of using Google Authenticator? You may enjoy these benefits.

  • You can change the email address you added.
  • Switch screen colors between light and dark modes.

2. Microsoft Authenticator 

Microsoft Authenticator resembles the Google equivalent. It produces the same six-digit TOTP protocols for third-party 2FA accounts but is ideal for enterprise-managed Azure AD and consumer Microsoft accounts.

Once you install it, configure 2FA settings on their page to get a free Microsoft account. No need for a QR code. Log in with your password and username in the app and respond to one proof you have configured.

For Azure Active Directory accounts, the configuration is a little different. The administrator enables MFA from the Azure AD or Office 365 admin console. You manage security verification and set up 2FA from their page.

What Are the Benefits Of Microsoft Authenticator?

  • Use it on multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Copy or hide the security code.
  • Edit the account name.
  • Customize the program to suit your needs.

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