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Does Your IT Services Provider In West Michigan Allow You To Name Your Price?

Key Points:

  • Consider this new pricing option if monthly IT subscription costs overwhelm your business.
  • Your company needs, industry, and regulatory compliance could affect what you’re paying for Managed IT Services.
  • What did you uncover when you reviewed the monthly, quarterly, and yearly managed service providers reports?
  • Before you chop up your company’s managed IT services budget, there is another opportunity to keep it and save.

When was your IT services provider last told you to name your price for their services? Once? Twice? Never! We’re not surprised. When we discuss this payment option with our clients, they are surprised they have pricing options.

Suppose you’re like most organizations that turn to Managed Service Providers for IT services. In that case, often, the subscription costs begin to eat away at your budget. Over time, you discover there is no wiggle room and start to second guess your decision. If that’s you, Mark has an option you should consider.

How Much Will Managed IT Services Cost?

To give you an idea of average costs nationwide, most managed service providers have several metrics they follow. There is the cost per user, the cost per device, and the cost per month. That is standard in the IT and MSP industry.

Pricing will vary, and the range is roughly $10 to $250 for most Managed IT Services. However, in some industries, the price is higher due to regulations, compliance, and company-specific needs—for instance, the Health and Finance industries and government contractors.

Here’s The Breakdown Of What You’re Paying

Good managed services providers will always provide you with a report that shows you what you’re spending on their services. As you review the information, you should see five areas where cost gets recorded. Those columns usually are:

  • Service Time For The Month
  • Number of Users/Computers
  • Number of Devices/Servers
  • Amount of Data Managed & Backed Up
  • Any Upgrades Needed

That gives you an overview of costs spent on Managed IT Services year to year. When you review the breakdown, it is always recommended to compare each month, each quarter, and yearly. Those reports can help you when it’s time to set your budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

Does Your Business Need Managed IT Services?

When sales are slow, recessions hit, or other financial hardships strap a business, business owners and decision-makers first cut back on spending. First, it’s marketing costs, then labor costs, and eventually technology needs.

And when it comes to managed IT services, the decision to cut out what’s kept you secure, backed up, and safe from cyberattacks also finds its way on the chopping block. And we understand the reasoning behind it.

Our lean approach to IT will reduce your company’s costs. At the same time, we will continue to improve your systems and the IT environment. For that reason, is why we want you to name your price for IT services.

To discover budget-friendly Managed IT Services options for your business or organization, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or call us at (616) 741-1144. We would be happy to discuss our services with you and answer any questions you may have.