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Aren’t you tired of it all?

You need a reliable managed service provider (MSP). You hop online; well, you can google just about anything these days. But, the majority of the MPS are full of marketing mumble-jumble.

At Envision IT, we dominate the IT industry with our cost-effective network installation services to businesses of all sizes across West Michigan.  Whether secure internet access, file sharing, accessing other computers in the premises, or network resources such as printers, we are your best shot at efficient network installation services. Most importantly, you get to choose what you can get from us.

The truth is network installation isn’t any traditional MPS cup o’ tea. It has tons of challenges, such as your recently installed network cables that now look like spaghetti having a bad day. We have a combination of the proper expertise, experience, and dedication to cater to all your networking needs.

Network Installation Services In Grand Rapids

Network Management & Installation Services

LAN and WAN Network Installation Services

We install various networks depending on the size of your business.

If your business is located in a single building, we’ll install and configure LAN or intranet to include network resources such as printers, IP phones, computers, servers, and Wi-Fi hotspots.

Alternatively, your business may span multiple buildings or a large geographical area, such as various towns. In such a case, we’ll provide WAN services, including WAN installation, wan bandwidth allocation and management, wan security, and WAN-related configurations.

VPN or Remote Access Setup and Configuration

With the ever-increasing cyber threats, it’s vital to have ultra-modern security when accessing information on a public internet connection or sharing files on a corporate network.

To achieve this security level, we have a state-of-the-art virtual private network (VPN) that creates a private network from a public internet connection. This ensures the traffic between your computers and the network is encrypted to increase security.

In addition, secure remote access allows computers on a corporate network to connect safely and share files. We then deploy VPN technology to authenticate user access and check device compliance –posture—before connecting to the network remotely.

Wireless Networking Services

Modern technology allows your business to detach from desks and wired devices with wireless networks – Wi-Fi. Your business and clients demand a cost-effective, efficient, and stable Wi-Fi connection.

Our wireless network services include:

  • Site survey to determine the proper wireless tech for your business
  • Design and planning
  • Installing various types of wireless networks (WLAN, WMAN, WPAN, and WWAN) in compliance with IEEE wireless network standards.
  • Maintenance and security
  • Wireless network management
  • Wireless network solutions such as RFID tracking, voice over WLAN, and controlled based solutions

Network Maintenance

Like all IT systems, there are certain procedures that your network requires to ensure it stays in tiptop shape and runs without any hiccups. Additionally, new and improved network-related technologies are being introduced to the market daily. Regular maintenance will ensure integration with such technology.

Our network services entail:

  • Troubleshooting any network hiccups for possible repairs and replacements
  • Tightening network security and performance
  • Hardware and software update and configurations
  • Network expandability and dependability to accommodate the number of users
  • Regular data backups for added data security and accessibility in case of network malfunction

Windows Active Directory Setup

If your computers run on windows, then a windows server is necessary to store and manage resources on the network. The active directory services store information about users, computers, and other active directory objects within the windows server, called a domain controller (DC).

Furthermore, the DC direct authentication and data access in a hierarchical structure within your business. Computer users have varied access to data on the network. We install the windows active directory to ensure this hierarchy is observed.

Setup for Windows, Mac, Linux, or UNIX Networking Systems

Unlike the typical operating system that controls a single computer, the network operating system (NOS) runs on a server. A NOS helps the server coordinate the network by managing data, users, groups, security, applications, and access to network resources.

So, if you want all the network users to share files and hardware, consider our network operating systems.

Server and PC Setup

Most IT infrastructure and networks require a server to store information and control resources and a PC to access the stored data.

While they may have similar hardware, installing and configuring them is different with varying degrees of complexity. However, both demand IT expertise if the setup process is to be done correctly.

Cloud Services and How to Connect To the Network

Most businesses have automated their systems to create a convenient and efficient business structure.

Migrating to the cloud gives your business the ability to operate smoothly, efficiently, remotely, and cost-effectively. This comes in handy, especially if your employees are working from home.

We have the infrastructure and software necessary to enable your business to migrate to the cloud.

We also have the hardware to enable your business to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, Ethernet cables, or a dial-up connection.

Data Cabling and Other Low Voltage Cabling Services

Data cabling forms the backbone of network infrastructure and access to the internet.

The various data cables we use to construct your network infrastructure include fiber optics and Ethernet cables that are efficient and cost-effective.

Additionally, we have low voltage cables when you need to install telephones, heating and cooling systems in the office, alarms and controls, and multimedia systems such as surround sound audio systems.

Internet Access and Internet Security

Internet access challenges cybersecurity. Modern technology faces cyber threats such as ransomware and black hat hacking. We strongly recommend you install strong internet safeguards.

We offer:

  • VPN and secure remote access
  • Deploy network security services such as next-gen firewalls with integrated intrusion prevention, threat intelligence sources, breach prevention, and advanced security
  • Deploy multi-factor authentication systems
  • Password managers
  • Data backup systems
  • Deploy viable cyber security policies throughout your business
  • Updated antivirus with internet security and antimalware abilities

Do You Need Network Installation Services?

We have a variety of IT services to cater to all your networking needs. You don’t have to go through the hassle of searching for a reliable MPS in west Michigan. If you need professional network installation services in Grand Rapids, contact us today.