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Private Cloud Technologies For Grand Rapids Law Firms

You have so much to do inside your Grand Rapids law firm. You have to manage new and current clients, a pile of case files to review, you have to ensure your employees are productive, and you have to manage files, documents, and deadlines. On top of all of this is managing the business and administrative aspects of your practice. It can be overwhelming to keep it all under control, especially as your practice grows.

As your firm grows, technology can either give you a competitive edge or it can become a liability and hold your law firm back. You’ve likely heard about cloud computing and law practice management software, and you could even be using cloud-based services now.

You may have had some thoughts about taking advantage of the latest legal technology or moving more of your law firm to a private cloud legal practice management solution, but you haven’t been 100 percent convinced to make the transition just yet. We understand the concerns law firms may have. There may be concerns about security, the lack of control, or just the fear of what could happen once changes are made. Those are things you don’t have to worry about when using the right cloud technologies.

Practicing Law in the Cloud: What Are Your Law Firm’s Options?

The ”cloud” has revolutionized the legal industry in just a short period. While the cloud may seem like a very simple concept, not everyone fully understands the depth of the cloud or the range of available cloud options.

At its core, every cloud technology serves the same basic function: delivering computing resources over the internet. Compared to cloud offerings from a few years ago, there are significant differences in today’s cloud offerings. Contrary to what many users visualize, cloud computing is not an unstructured network where every user can access applications and the data they need. Instead, different types of cloud computing are available.

The cloud computing types include private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, and SaaS (Software as a service) cloud solutions. While it is anticipated that the bulk of applications, data, and platforms will be in the cloud in 2021 and beyond, how do you know which cloud solution is the perfect fit for your law firm?

It is important to understand the differences between the available cloud options and your law firm’s specific needs so you will implement the best cloud technologies.

Maximize Your Grand Rapids Law Firm’s Productivity With Private Cloud Technologies

Compared to public clouds, private clouds operate on unshared infrastructure conducted for exclusive use by one organization. Generally, a law firm will use specific software, platforms, and applications. In addition to using your own applications and platforms, your law firm may partner with a vendor that specializes in helping firms secure private cloud environments.

Private cloud technologies are typically scalable to a law firm’s specific needs and lead to a shift of the IT burden from the law firm to the private cloud vendor. One of the key advantages private cloud technologies have over public cloud technologies is enhanced security and privacy. Since the cloud infrastructure will be tailored to a single firm, it typically sits behind a dedicated firewall and can be accessed over a secure connection with MFA (multifactor authentication). The enhanced security, privacy, and data encryption measures of private cloud technologies will make it easier for law firms to comply with regulations.

Advantages of private clouds:

  • Increased flexibility – Can be customized to suit the specific needs of your law firm
  • Greater control – You will have the freedom to build and configure a cloud tailored to your needs
  • Improved security – You will experience enhanced levels of security as you will not have to share resources with others.

With a private cloud, you can work anytime and anywhere, on any device. Your law firm’s software applications (such as case management and billing) will all be installed in the private cloud. With your applications installed in the cloud, everyone in your law firm who has authorized access can log into the network and use the applications, data, and documents from within a virtual desktop.

Every employee in your law firm will have the ability to log into their own, personalized virtual desktop, giving them greater flexibility, which can lead to enhanced performance. Within their own personalized virtual desktop, your employees will find the applications they need, case files, email, and more. Your employees will have everything they need to do their job with ease.

How Can Envizion IT Assist Law Firms With Private Cloud Technologies?

Making the perfect technology investments at the perfect time, using the appropriate platforms can not only drive innovation but increase client loyalty and grow your law firm. Envizion IT understands that your law firm is evolving and that it needs a cloud solution that reflects the changes. Cloud solutions offer a variety of options for law firms to choose from. We will help your law firm make the best decision by helping you understand the benefits of all of your cloud solution options and then helping you secure your new cloud solution.

Get the outcomes your law firm expects. When the cloud is done the right way, not only will it provide a significant return on investment, but it will also produce faster business results, without the increased costs, risks, or disruption. Envizion IT helps you make the right decisions about what applications you should migrate to the cloud and when they should be migrated. We will make sure your law firm can maximize its use of data while ensuring your environment remains secure.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to choosing the right cloud technology. However, there is the right cloud solution for your law firm. Determining what your firm needs in terms of cost, flexibility, architecture, security, scalability, IT support, and more will help you choose the best fit for your firm. We understand the role cloud plays in today’s modern workplace. Let us help you find, execute, manage, and secure your law firm’s cloud strategy.

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