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The #1 Problem With West Michigan, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo Managed IT Services Is…

…they can’t flex to fit your business’s changing needs, budget, and size. The Envizion IT way, on the other hand, can flex to fit the way your business operates.

No business is 100% stable 100% of the time.

Over time, the scope and size of your business will change, and not always in one steady direction. This is why you need flexibility in your West Michigan IT support.

If you’re locked into a support model that’s always the same monthly rate, you’ll end up paying for service you don’t need (or worse, can’t afford).

Do you have an IT services provider in West Michigan that can scale support up and down in line with your business?

3 Reasons You May Need A Flexible IT Support Model

  1. Seasonal Businesses: Your company may operate on a seasonal basis, growing its staff and budget with an influx of new clientele, and reducing the scope of its operations at other times of the year.
  2. Sales Peaks and Valleys: As fast as you can see a dip in sales, there are also times when the business needs to grow quickly. This requires an increase in IT investments for a short period of time, after which they need to be scaled back as those employees become stable.
  3. Recession, Disruption & External Factors: Lastly, it may not even have to do with your business (e.g. the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic). As we all know, the economy experienced growth and reduction for a range of different reasons, any of which may require you to scale back your operations and reduce your staff without much warning.

In any of these situations, an unchanging, locked-in West Michigan IT support model won’t do you any good…

West Michigan Managed IT Services Are Inflexible & Expensive

Unless you run a 100% stable, unchanging business, you’ve likely wasted money on managed IT services in West Michigan.

Think about it—you will never need the exact same degree of IT support month after month. No matter what projects you have underway, how your staff changes, and whether you’re in a low-revenue period, you’re still paying the same monthly fee to your managed IT services provider.

Consider if you had to lay off some of your staff right now—would your West Michigan IT company let you reduce your support fees? Or would you be stuck at the same rate until the contract expired?

This is the double-edged sword of “insurance” style managed services policies. You always pay the same rate, but the IT company can deliver as little support as they can justify keeping you operating. This arrangement simply doesn’t reflect the realities of your revenue and available budget, which can change over time and with little notice.

That’s why we offer a more flexible arrangement for our clients…

With Envizion IT, You Only Pay For The West Michigan IT Services You Need

Instead of a locked-in managed service agreement, we offer a time & material support model for our clients. That means you only pay for the West Michigan IT support you need, when you need it.

If your business is experiencing a slower month or a slower season, you can easily scale back your support. If you undergo rapid growth and hire several new staff members, you can scale up with us as well.

Here’s an example—one of our clients runs a business that goes from one product to the next. In between these products, they often experience a “sales valley”, where they bring in less revenue.

This is OK, because they know it’s coming, and know they’ll make their money back when the next product launches. However, if they worked with a West Michigan managed IT services company, they would be paying the same amount in support fees throughout that sales valley, and wasting their money.

By working with Envizion IT, this client can easily scale back their IT spending during the sales valley, and then ramp up again as needed after the next product launch.

West Michigan IT Support That Fits Your Business (And It’s Budget)

Stop paying for IT support you don’t need.

Partner with Envizion IT to get the flexibility you need in your IT support that aligns it directly with your budget.

Get in touch with our team to discover how it works in detail.