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Shouldn’t Your PC Be As Easy To Set-Up As Your Smartphone?

Key points:

  • New computers can be a lot of work to configure and launch.
  • Shouldn’t the process be as simple as setting up a new smartphone?
  • Using Microsoft Intune, Envizion IT will streamline your new device set-up processes

Simplify Your Next PC Configuration And Launch

Setting up a new computer can be such a pain.

Once it’s powered on and launched, you then have to go through the trouble of downloading all your apps, moving your files and documents, and setting your preferences.

Shouldn’t it be as easy as setting up a new phone? You simply turn on the device, log into your primary account, and then everything you need is automatically transferred.

Here’s the good news: with Microsoft Intune, it really is this easy—check out our latest video to discover how it works:

What Is Microsoft Intune?

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based enterprise mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) solution that offers a range of device and data management features.

Using Intune, you gain a great degree of control over how your company data and apps are used on employee devices. In addition to an extensive suite of cybersecurity and access features, this also includes the ability to quickly launch new PCs.

How Does Microsoft Intune Help You Launch New Devices?

With Microsoft Intune, Envizion IT can seamlessly launch your company’s new devices with virtually no work on the part of the user.

Say you hire a new remote worker—we can ship a PC to their house, and once it is unboxed, and plugged in, all the new employee has to do is login with their work email. After that, Microsoft Intune will transfer all the necessary apps and files to the new device all at once.

What Else Can You Do With Microsoft Intune?

That’s not all Microsoft Intune has to offer—using this solution, you can also:

  • Control mobile and desktop devices’ access to networks and data
  • Configure specific controls as to how your business information is accessed, downloaded and shared.
  • Dictate which applications can be downloaded to devices that access company data.
  • Align remote and mobile device usage practices with your security standards

Simplify Your New Device Configurations With Microsoft Intune

Want to take the work out of launching new PCs and mobile devices for staff members? Book a meeting with the Envizion IT team to discover more about what Microsoft Intune will do for your company.