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The days of business opportunities or service requests getting forever lost on unchecked voicemails are over. Verizon One Talk helps professionals stay connected by routing business calls to multiple devices via a single centralized number.

The business scene has changed a lot this year. In fact, the more we talk with our clients, the more we realize that professionals are looking for a new and streamlined way to capitalize on business opportunities and better serve their clients. With more and more teams working remotely and on-the-go, organizational leaders are looking for a way to centralize and optimize business communications systems, so chances to connect are never missed.

That’s where Verizon One Talk comes in. Verizon One Talk is a revolutionary approach to business communications that seamlessly centralizes and streamlines incoming business calls. Verizon One Talk phones offer an affordable, high-quality, and fully-streamlined alternative to traditional telecommunications systems with a modern design, advanced features, and fully-unified integration.

Streamline & Modernize Business Communications with Verizon One Talk

Everything You Need to Know About Verizon One Talk

How Does it Work & Who Is it For? 

Verizon One Talk uses hosted SIP technology to streamline incoming business calls by assigning one centralized number to connect a variety of compatible desk phones, PCs, and cell phones. Anytime a business call comes in through a centralized One Talk number, all integrated devices will ring, meaning critical business opportunities are never missed.

Verizon One Talk is a perfect communications solution for all businesses, but especially:

  • Small-to-mid-sized businesses, especially those with team members working on-site and in the field
  • Organizations that must ensure incoming calls are never missed or sent to voicemail
  • Professional, on-the-go sales, support, and customer service teams that rely on agile communications systems

What Are the Business Benefits? 

Let’s put it: the potential business benefits from Verizon One Talk are endless and will vary from organization to organization. When every incoming call is answered promptly, by the right person, you’ll rest assured knowing that your organization is capitalizing on every new business prospect and providing responsive service to every existing client.

The benefits don’t stop there either. Verizon One Talk will help your team:

  • Boost mobility between devices with the ability to switch between desk and cell phones seamlessly.
  • Eliminate missed calls and the dreaded voicemail vortex by ensuring calls ring to both on-site and on-the-go devices
  • Take advantage of enhanced business communications features like automated receptionist capabilities, streamlined call forwarding and scheduling options, and optimized conference-call features.
  • Optimize productivity by ensuring no time is wasted trying to track down missed messages or making call-backs

Money Talks: Getting Down to the Bottom Line 

Verizon One Talk sounds like the ultimate communications solution for today’s “anytime, anywhere” business scene, doesn’t it? For our team of seasoned IT professionals, the Verizon One Talk business benefits speak for themselves. But you’re probably wondering – with benefits like increased mobility and optimized communication, and the Verizon One Talk solution must come with a hefty price tag, right?

Wrong! One of the number one reasons we don’t waste any time in recommending Verizon One Talk to our business clients is because the solutions they offer are actually cheaper than traditional business phones. With a variety of customizable service and pricing options, Verizon One Talk lines can start for as little as $25/per line, per month.

A fully integrated and optimized business communications system that costs less than traditional phone systems? We couldn’t be more convinced. You too? We’re on standby to help you make the migration anytime.

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