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There are a lot of developments in the office/workplace technology niche every year that seem to promise a lot of improvements. From promising better productivity to tools that make working as a team easier, these developments usually result in disruptions in the space.

One such development is cloud desktop technology.

Years ago, the idea of a “cloud” seemed to be nothing but a  fairy tale. However, as this science fiction idea came to life, people saw it as a very important technology that can be used in just about any industry.

But what exactly are cloud desktops and how can they benefit organizations and businesses? Let’s try to answer these questions one by one.

What Are Cloud Desktops

Cloud desktops are, quite simply, desktops located in the cloud. If that sounds confusing to you, let me help you out. Let’s back up a little bit.

Let’s try to talk about the “cloud” first.

In the world of software, the cloud usually refers to the Internet. So when you say that your files are in the cloud, you are just saying that your files are in a server somewhere and can be accessed through the Internet.

Cloud desktops are pretty much the same – although not as straightforward. Cloud desktops take this “putting your business to the cloud” idea to the extreme. Instead of just putting a file or two online, you are technically putting a whole desktop on the Internet. This includes the settings, configurations, files, and applications from a desktop.

This means one person’s desktop or workstation is uploaded to the cloud and can easily be accessed anywhere and anytime using any kind of device as long as they have the right credentials. Need a file to send to a client? Instead of taking a long drive back to the office just to get the file you need, you can just log onto your cloud desktop from your laptop or phone and send it as if you were in front of your own workstation.

What Are the Benefits of Using Cloud Desktops?

Year after year, more businesses are taking their business to the cloud – including their desktops. This just means using cloud desktops for your business is beneficial. But how good is it? Let’s count them all down.


As with any other cloud solution out there, cloud desktops can help businesses financially. Because you don’t need to shell out any extra expenses to buy new devices, you are basically moving the cost of the solution from your capital expenses to your operating expenses. This gives you and your business more money in the bank to spend on other things that are equally as important to your company.

Most cloud desktop services also offer per-desktop pricing which allows you to forecast your monthly expenses – so no more surprise billings at the end of the month. You can also add or remove desktops as your organization shrinks or grows. This means when business is slow, you can request to remove virtual desktops as you let go of your employees. However, as soon as business picks up, you can set up additional desktops.

Lastly, cloud desktops use the “power” of the data center where the desktops are hosted instead of the device accessing them (your desktop, laptop, or smartphone). This means you can use fast virtual desktops without needing to upgrade your current desktops or laptops. Cloud desktops also extend the lives of current devices as they are no longer needed to “work as hard” as most of the processing takes place on the cloud and not on the local device.


Things can get pretty unpredictable in business these days. One day you are seeing unprecedented growth and the next you see your business stagnating for months. Using cloud desktops can help you during these moments by giving you the flexibility to adjust how many virtual desktops you need at any point. Seeing a big bump in sales and want to add in 10 people to the team? Just contact your provider and they can have the desktops set up within days


Not every member of the organization has to have access to all the files and applications. With cloud desktops, you can easily set access restrictions that allow or limit what certain team members can see or use. This provides you control over who can see and edit data within your organization.


Whenever people talk about getting their information on the cloud, they automatically think this will result in a security nightmare. After all, if it’s on the Internet then anybody can access it, right? Well, aside from certain members of your organization, nobody else will have access to your files or data. Companies that provide cloud desktop solutions already have security protocols in place that prevent data leaks or unauthorized access from taking place. This can range anywhere from providing unique credentials (username and password) for each team member to whitelisting only recognized devices to access your virtual desktop.

On top of this, most cloud solutions providers have 24/7 monitoring in place to detect any unusual activity. If they see your account is being accessed from an unknown or suspicious location, they can automatically block access to prevent unauthorized access.

Workplace of The Future

Recent events that have occurred during the past few years have definitely changed the future of work. Nowadays, organizations are getting more and more interested in offering remote working options for their employees as they have seen how it helps in keeping the expenses low and productivity stable. Cloud desktops can help any business transition to this setup and it empowers remote working. Because the desktops are located online, your team members can easily access it anywhere they are at any time without having to go to the office.

Finding The Right Cloud Services Partner

One of the secrets behind any successful cloud desktop implementation is finding the right cloud services partner. With the right team helping you out, you can easily transition from traditional to cloud in no time.

If you are a business looking for a cloud services provider in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and West Michigan, you can count on Envizion IT to help you out. Envizion has helped out thousands of businesses by providing custom IT and Cloud solutions with the aim of helping the business grow.

Call us today and ask about how we can help take your business to the cloud.

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